Tips For Parents

Parents are a child’s first – and most important – teacher.  The time parents spend talking, reading and interacting with their children can make a huge difference in that child’s development of vocabulary, comprehension and critical-thinking skills.  When reading to a child consider the tips on the Early Readers, Future Leaders bookmark (en español) so that your child gains as much as possible from your reading time together.

Selecting books that are appropriate for your child’s reading level and interests will keep them interested in reading and build upon their literacy skills.  Click here for an easy-to-use guide to some great reading materials that are perfect for developing specific life skills that will help children succeed in school and life.

These days children are learning a lot in kindergarten.  Frequent absences can hurt a child’s future success in school so going to school every day – unless they are sick – is very important.  Here are some suggestions that families can use to make it easier to get children up and off to school every day and a fun coloring book for kids about all of the learning that they’ll do in kindergarten.

The Vroom website is a great resource dedicated to creating “brain-building moments.” There, you can find daily activities and tools that help parents make the most of the time they have to develop learning skills during those precious early years.